YosoY Project

Henath: World Music Artist

About Me

My name is Henath,
I’m a world music artist, multi-instrumentalist and singer.
This is my story.
As soon as I began studying music (piano and classical guitar) I had the clear feeling that instruments were wonderful tools to express the dimension of inner vision.
When I was young, I used to listen to symphonic music and opera, always fascinated by the purity of the melody.
Later, I began to appreciate pop and traditional music. Combining these diverse musical styles has become a fundamental part of my work as a world music artist.
After an intense period of working with international musicians and artists from South America, Ireland, Spain and India, I felt the need to capture the essence of several ethnic musical instruments to mould a personal and polysemic blend of world and new age music. The resulting musical reflections explore the harmonization between two apparently contradictory aspects of a single reality.

Henath - World Music Artist - Photo Portrait


The script of a dreamer, the project of a lifetime, limitless and timeless expression of the feeling of oneness – unity in diversity.
Among the infinite circular pathways of truth,
this is a small yet vast reflection of one of them.
A way of feeling, expression of the sublime within. Sounds, words, shadows dancing to create a bridge of intangible sensations.
Many rays, one light. Many rivers, one ocean.
Many chapters, one album.


Audio/visual canvas of polysemic meanings.
Fusion of classical, electronic and ethnic instruments, a mix of world international chillout music. Chants and vocals in ancient and contemporary languages. Video projections showing a fusion of colours, animations and both spiritual and philosophical messages. A form of world music using a personal combination of apparently contrasting elements that reflect the harmony of the two polarities of the universe.